Thursday, April 23, 2009

We LOVE Fashion

road to Emirates

Got nothing to do last week so manage to pull myself from the comfort bed to go to Mid Valley ... lot of memory left here ^_^ we lucky because on that day got fashion show ... all showing the sport attire from nike , reebok , adidas etc ... actually not only fashion show ... there were also video game for the addicted playing video games ... the winner will get the opportunity to fly to London to catch the EPL ... what a contest to get involve ...
the interval for each cat walk was about 2 hours ... so while waiting for the fashion show ... what to do ? ... SHOPPING UNTIL YOU POKAI ^_^
i can see full of professional and not the very professional ( including me of course) photographer during the fashion show ... all eager to capture the most beautiful and unique picture ...

Sunday, April 12, 2009

BHP Orange Run 2009

energy booster = the nasi lemak
another energy booster

at last .. at the finishing line
and the very tired
the apprentice
sponsored ...

chit chat after the race ...

What : BHP Orange Run

When : 12 April 2009 (7:30 am)

Where : Start and Finish at The Curve
Why : Free Maa ^_^ organised by BHP petrol

How : actually i'm not going to take part for this event .. however got sms from Ronnie ... he got extra BIB ... thanks for the BIB bro ..
arrived early today ... so managed to park near the curve .. the race started quite late ... 7.35 or 7.40 I think ... lucky for us only 11 K ... if 20 K and start at the same time ... then U will become "udang bakar" lo ... what I like about this race is ALL free ... from the fee until the "nasi lemak" ... what U need just a pair of shoes and aim for the finishing line ... simple rite ...
Next race : balik kampung ... Bidor ^_^

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Are We Running Ourself To Death ?

some info taken from Men's Health and I've got something to share with all the runners outhere .....

15,000 to 28,000

number of times each foot hits the pavement over 41.92 K


minimum number of weekly training KM recommended to reduce chances of a cardiac event


increase in levels of cardiac troponin I, a marker of heart cell damage, in runners after a marathon

1 in 50,000

approximate risk of suffering sudden cardiac death during or within 24 hours of completing a marathon


median age of male finishers in marathons in 2007, up from 34 in 1980

40s and 50s

ages in which marathon fatalities are clustered

so all runners outhere, make sure you have enough training before entering any marathons or doing any axtivity that requires alot of energy ...


Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Ais Batu Campur aka ABC

my favourite dessert aka ABC ... had at Mid Valley last weekend ... at new a new food court there aka Oasis ... not many people there ... just opened I think ... normally during weekend very hard to find a seat at the food court ... this time I got the headache which seat to choose ... so many maa ^_^
the taste ? quite okay ... I had taste a more better ABC than this one ... this one came without any topping ... maybe needs to learn from Pua Chu Kang's mother on how to make my own ABC ...

After read yesterday newspaper on one of the beaches ... suddenly i'm feel like going to the beach ... this time maybe to Morib ... from KL only take only 110 K or 68.7 M to get there ... quite far ek but if we going to enjoy the breeze sea air and the scenery then why not sacrife a bit ... next month maybe ... XPDC to Morib ... pic above was googled from the internet ... thanks to the owner which i'm dont know who ^_^

Info taken from Wikipedia (the very malas aka lazy one to write all this ^_^)

Ais kacang or ice kacang (Chinese: 红豆冰; pinyin: hóngdòu bing; literally "red bean ice"), is a dessert served in Malaysia and Singapore. It is also popularly known as air batu campur in Malay or ABC for short. The word "air batu", literally meaning "stone water" means ice and "campur" means mixed. It is sweet-tasting and is primarily ice served with sweet flavoured syrup and jelly. The word Kacang is a Malay word for bean, and the word "ais" is a transliteration of the English term "ice".

Formerly, it was made of only shaved ice and red beans. Today, ice kacang generally comes in bright colours, and with different fruit cocktails and dressings. Several varieties have also been introduced which contain aloe vera in some form or another, such as in jelly form. Often, a large serving of attap chee (palm seed), red beans, sweetcorn, grass jelly, cubes of agar agar and cendol form the base. Evaporated milk is drizzled over the mountain of ice. To cater to the palates of the modern customer, some stalls have even introduced novelty toppings like durian, chocolate syrup and ice cream. There are also versions that shun the multi-coloured syrup and are served with just a drizzling of gula melaka syrup instead.