Friday, June 25, 2010

Sundown .. the extra miles

what are U looking at ^_^
21K category ..
my lucky number ..
picture first before enter the battle ...
my loyal supporters ... baby and the photographer ^_^

so after 1 month ... after completed my second sundown marathon ... now I'm back to my normal routine again ... training for the next events .. upcoming there will be a lot of running events in July .. almost every week ... this also due to no running event in august and september (fasting and festive season) ...

so in order for me to perform well .. i cannot skip my training sessions ... skip or sometimes due to the laziness ^_^ so coming back to sundown 2010 ... this year I clocked 7.32 ... one hour late compare to last year ... that why you can't skip your training man ... ^_^ so many factors ... but the number one ranking must be the laziness, then weather, work schedule etc etc ...

so i hope next time, if i'm going to run marathon again .. i have to follow my training schedule and discipline myself he he ..